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Reseller, Distribution, Logisitics

We are distributors, resellers, and providers of logistics for our partners and our own brands. With over 20 years in business in US, Brazil, and China.

We Are a Company of Passionate Supply Chain Experts


Market Research

We have web crawler robots gathering big data information for market research analysis. What are the customers looking for? We build the statistical “Customer Means End Chain” for you.


Decision Analysis

Does a product make sense? What feature set and at what price? Do we build in China, USA, or Brazil? What is the full cost/benefit analysis?


Distribution and Reseller

Sometimes, we have customers that come to us to develop a product, and we instead guide them towards distributing a current best-in-class product already in the market. We are already established distributors and resellers of the best brands in the world.


Supply Chain & Logistics

We manufacture and take care of all your supply chain needs. We have established relationships in the largest manufacturing parks in China, as well as Brazil and USA. Lean manufacturing, risk management, distribution, backed by experienced professionals.